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Specimens from Oslo digitised in Joensuu

Digitising parts of the Norwegian national herbarium began at Digitarium in August 2013. The University of Oslo and the University of Eastern Finland agreed on this project after an open call for tender in the European Economic Area.

Also see news of this project in French and German languages.

The collections from Norway were transported to Finland by a professional removal company, and were unloaded in the Digitarium hall at the Joensuu Science Park.

Digitarium’s automatic production line will be used to image about 167,000 herbarium sheets and their folders. Working in two shifts until early 2014, about 1,800 samples will be processed in a day.

Digitarium and the Norwegian DigForsk AS have entered into cooperation for this project. Using a web application, transcribing of the data from images will be done by DigForsk in its northern digitisation centres. The project will employ five persons in Joensuu and a number of part time workers in northern Norway - see a news article.

See pictures of the transport and start of imaging below.