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Our expertise and knowledge base

In addition of being a digitisation centre, Digitarium is a centre of expertise. In this second role Digitarium develops and gives training in the field of natural history digitisation, focuses on research and development, and develops collaboration with other practitioners of digitisation and with hobbyists. One of the largest projects in recent years has been the development of mass digitisation.

Funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) has enabled Digitarium to organise two training courses in natural history digitisation to academic trainees in 2011 – 2013. The first group of trainees graduated in the beginning of 2012 and the second one in spring 2013. Altogether over 20 trainees have participated in these training programs. One objective in training has been to familiarise the trainees with process development and commercialisation of digitisation. In addition these training programs have given capacity to work as an expert in different kinds of digitisation projects. A major incentive has been to enhance employment potentiality by expanding trainees’ IT and project management skills and networks with other practitioners of digitisation. Digitarium has implemented these training programs with support from the North Karelian Employment and Economic Development Office and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment.

Digitarium is also a centre of expertise in a sense that it carries out research and development work. Modern e-Science computing methodologies for biodiversity research are being developed in the project BioVeL (2011-2014), and informatics solutions for Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network in the project EU BON (2012-2017).

As a centre of expertise Digitarium collects and distributes information about digitisation, part of which is also presented below on this page.

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  • Design of a Distributed Digitisation Infrastructure for Natural Heritage. Parts 1-3. Proposal for Horizon 2020 Call: H2020-INFRADEV-1-2014-1, Topic: INFRADEV-1-2014, Type of action: RIA, Proposal number: 654276, Proposal acronym: DEDDI. Available on the Teamwork site of DiSSCo.



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