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Opening event for automation of digitization

The grand opening and a mini-workshop for automation of digitization was held at Digitarium in Joensuu on 2012-10-29.

It is a high time for high-throughput digitization. The time was also right to show the world how far we have made headway on that avenue. On October 29th we opened the doors at Digitarium, switched on the conveyer belt, turned on the camera and the lights and allowed the computer-controlled production line digitize a series of herbarium sheets and insect specimens.

Guests from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish Museum of Natural History and from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia and Sweden gathered around the production line for this first public demonstration. This opening event for the production line was also an opportune event to share participants’ experiences in digitization practices, prioritization, throughput efficiencies and costs.

We at Digitarium were delighted to see the willing and open spirit when it came to sharing experiences in mass digitization. There seemed to be a consensus at the mini-workshop that those who participate in this vast global effort of museum collection digitization should avoid tackling all the details on their own. This enormous effort calls for collaboration on all fronts, be it ideas, know-how or funding. Our sincere hope is that this opening event was an opening shot for a mutually prolific collaboration.

Pictured from left are Hannu Saarenmaa, Juhani Räsänen, Henry Väre, Dominik Röpert, Eirik Rindal, Jane Jennifer Axelsen, Luc Willemse, Henni Axelin, Minna Karvonen, Leif Schulman, Bjørn Petter Løfall, Anders Telenius, Alexander Ryss, Juha Lehtonen, Markku Hauta-Kasari, Mika Pajari, Fredrik Ronquist. Click here for an enlarged photo.

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