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European GBIF Nodes Meeting 2013

By hannusa - Posted on 21 December 2012

The annual meeting of the European GBIF Nodes was organised by GBIF Finland in Joensuu 6-8 March 2013.


Detailed agenda can be accessed here. Contact the chairperson Cees Hof C.H.J.Hof(ät), if you have suggestions to the agenda. An overall outline of the sessions is here:

Tuesday 5 March

Arrivals throughout the day. Please note that Finland is in the Eastern European Time Zone, GMT+02.

Wednesday 6 March

09-12 Session I - Overview of GBIF activities, reporting by the Secretariat
12-13 Lunch
13-17 Session II - Digitisation, including demonstration of mass-digitisation at Digitarium; also see this recommended reading
17-22 Welcome ice-breaker, dinner and sauna at the conference venue

Thursday 7 March

09-12 Session III - Nodes in Europe, state of the art
12-13 Lunch
13-17 Session IV - Interaction with European biodiversity initiatives and projects
18-22 Dinner

Friday 8 March

09-11 Session V - Focus on potential directions and developments
11-12 Departure to airport for a flight at 12:30 (for those not continuing to the tour)

11-20 Tour to the easternmost point of the continental European Union, 130 km east of Joensuu, including stopovers for an ethnic Carelian style lunch, cultural and biological sight-seeing, and an outdoor BBQ in the wilderness. The tour is optional, and a maximum 16 people can attend the tour - attendance is indicated below. See detailed agenda on pdf.


On your own, optional programme. Visit Carelicum, a museum representing the region. Cross-country and down-hill ski trips to the Koli mountain area or other locations. You may also want to stay at the Mekrijärvi Research Station of the University, which is a good place for cross-country skiing, ice fishing, writing your next scientific paper in peace and quiet, and for other activities. Contact the organiser for further information.


The meeting venue is Joensuu Science Park, Länsikatu 15, FI-80100 Joensuu. The sessions will take place in the Temple of Challenge hall of the conference facility "Network Oasis". Demonstrations will take place at Digitarium hall in the same building complex.


Joensuu is a city of 73,000 inhabitants, the provincial capital of North Carelia, and site of the largest campus of the University of Eastern Finland. Joensuu is located 440 km north-east of Helsinki, near latitude N63, longitude E30.

Flights: For international travel, plane change in Helsinki is required. There are 6 scheduled flights each day between Helsinki and Joensuu on Finnair and its commuter FlyBe. They also serve most European major cities. Check Finnair web site for prices and schedules, and book early for low prices.

There is a bus from the airport to the city centre on weekdays. Leave the bus at the central square, and do not continue to the end station. The bus will not run on Saturday or Sunday. Taxi to hotel will cost about 20 € - their phone number is +35860110100.

Trains: There are 9 train connections each day between Helsinki and Joensuu. Travel time is about 4:30 hours. Check Finnish Railroads web site for prices and schedules. Connection to Saint Petersburg and beyond is also available.

Hotels: Green Star is the selected conference hotel, and all sponsored attendees will stay here. Their bookings will be made centrally by the organiser from a prebooked block of rooms. Others will need to book their stay themselves in any of the hotels listed here.

Other hotels located around the central square, which can be recommended include the following: Hotel Aada | Hotel Cumulus | Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

Climate and how to prepare

Climate in Joensuu is boreal and continental. March being the driest month of year, plenty of sunshine and and snow can normally be expected. In early March, daytime maximum temperature is typically -5 to -10 C and nighttime minimum -10 to -20 C. The winter has been mild so far, but is now going to strike back -- check the forecast. Do bring some warm clothes, including multiple layers of insulation, thick socks, spacious sturdy boots, sunglasses, and separate slippers for indoor use.

Costs and sponsoring

Travel costs to Joensuu will be borne by the attendees, but most of the rest will be covered. Meals listed in the agenda will be provided for all registered attendees. Accommodation at the conference hotel will be covered for maximum 4 nights for the named Members of the Nodes Committee whose office is within the EU/EEA, or another representative assigned by them.

The sponsor of this meeting is the European Social Fund. Details of this and other EU structural funds will be given in session II.


Contact the organiser Hannu Saarenmaa hannu.saarenmaa(ät) to register. Do mention a) whether you are the official representative for which we will book the hotel (give arrival and departure dates), b) if you will attend the Friday tour, and c) if you have any diet requirements. Do not hesitate to ask, if you have further questions.


Your name, node, and tour option will be listed below when confirmed.

  1. Steve Wilkinson, UK
  2. Dag Endresen, NO
  3. Andre Heughebaert, BE
  4. Dimitri Brosens, BE, tour
  5. Alexander Ryss, RU, tour
  6. Liam Lysaght, IE, tour
  7. Anders Telenius, SE
  8. Aaike De Wever, BioFresh
  9. Francisco Pando, ES, tour
  10. Anne-Sophie Archambeau, FR, tour
  11. Pere Roca Ristol, FR, tour
  12. Marie-Elise Lecoq, FR
  13. Isabel Calabuig, DK, tour
  14. Rui Figueira, PT
  15. Sónia Dias, Bioversity
  16. Cees Hof, NL, tour
  17. Xander van der Sar, NL, tour
  18. Maren Gleisberg, DE
  19. Tanja Koskela, FI
  20. Yde de Jong, BioVeL, tour
  21. Burke Chih-Jen Ko, GBIF, tour
  22. Olaf Bánki, GBIF
  23. Wouter Los, LifeWatch
  24. Piotr Tykarski, PL, tour
  25. Mickaël Graf, SE
  26. Benjamin Komac, AD, tour
  27. Wouter Addink, ETI, tour
  28. Hanna Koivula, FI

In addition a number of Digitarium staff and trainees will be present in selected sessions.


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Pictures from the event and the tour, from Francisco Pando's album

Pictures from the event and the tour, from Pere Roca Ristol's album

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Meeting documents

GBIF Work Programme 2012-2013
Development of GBIF Work Programme for 2014-2016
Regional Nodes report to the 19th meeting of the GBIF Governing Board (GBIF login required)

GBIF France video

Nematode Collection of the Zoological Institute RAS: Slide Numbers, Data and Digital Images of Microscopic Photographs

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