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EU BON and CETAF met at Digitarium

EU BON and CETAF informatics groups had an astronomically successful meeting in Joensuu 17-20 March 2015. The event coincided with solar eclipse and show of the decade for northern lights.

Major progress in data standards for information exchange took place during the week when the Biodiversity Information Standards TDWG organisation announced ratification of five new terms for quantitative biodiversity data, which had been proposed by the EU BON project. The new terms include, in particular, organismQuantity and sampleSizeValue. This allows for exchange of ecological data in much wider scale than what has been possible until now. The participants of the meeting applauded for the occasion.

The meeting included a training workshop on new data sharing tools, and working sessions for designing a new portal for using biodiversity observation data in research.

The 40 attendees were from 18 countries. Click the picture to zoom and see the names. Photo (c) Juho Prokki.

During the meeting the attendees also were given presentations and demonstrations of Digitarium's equipment and methods for high-performance digitisation.

Documents and pictures are available at meeting web pages.

Northern lights over Joensuu Science Park 2015-03-18. Photo (c) Riitta Tegelberg