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EU BON and CETAF joint informatics workshop

Place and date: Joensuu, Finland, 17-20 March 2015

The purpose of this meeting is to launch several EU BON products, give a related training workshop, work on upcoming deliverables, and gain synergies by working with CETAF. Post-conference documents and pictures are now available, see below.


Monday 16 March

Arrivals. Please be aware that you must overnight in Joensuu or Helsinki, in order to be there for full day on Tuesday.

Tuesday 17 March

9-17 CETAF ISTC (Information Science & Technology Commission), including a tour at Digitarium, with demonstration of mass digitisation. See the agenda of the CETAF ISTC meeting.

17-18 Working meetings

18- Welcome party and sauna (optional arrival for non-CETAF members)

Wednesday 18 March

9-12 General overview of EU BON and CETAF developments (MS232) chaired by Hannu Saarenmaa

  • Presentation of Digitarium (Riitta Tegelberg)
  • CETAF summary of state of play (Anton Güntsch)
  • Data sharing tools (Patricia Mergen)
  • EU BON Registry (Éamonn Ó Tuama)
  • EU BON Portal (Antonio Garcia)
  • EU BON Citizen science gateway (Veljo Runnel)

12-13 Group photo, lunch break

13-17 Working meetings on parallel tracks (MS232 continued)

  • Release of test versions of data sharing tools (MS232), specification of registry (MS241), specification of portal (MS251)
  • Hands-on digitisation exercises at Digitarium
  • Paper and proposal writing sessions

17-18 Happy hour

19- Dinner hosted by the Finnish Museum of Natural History, at the restaurant Teatteriravintola (Theatre restaurant, located at the City Hall, east side of the central square).

Thursday 19 March

Training workshop (MS282):

  • 9-10 Introduction to GEOSS, GEO BON, EU BON (Hannu Saarenmaa)
  • 10-11 Information architecture of EU BON (Antonio Garcia)
  • 11-12 Data standards, Darwin Core and extensions for sample-based quantitative data (Éamonn Ó Tuama)
  • 12-13 Demonstration of GBIF/EU BON IPT for monitoring networks (Larissa Smirnova and Franck Theeten)
  • 13-14 Lunch break
  • 14-15 Practical exercise with sample dataset (Larissa Smirnova and Franck Theeten)
  • 15-17 Practical exercise with own data (all trainees)
  • 17-18 Feedback

In parallel, the working meetings will continue, as needed:

  • Specification of registry (MS241), specification of portal (MS251)
  • Paper and proposal writing sessions

19- Dinner on your own, sauna and ski

Friday 20 March

9-11 General conclusions and discussion on action lists for EU BON (MS232 continued) and CETAF developments

10:55 Optional adjourn by bus from Science Park via Green Star for the flight AY2488 at 12:10. Sign up for this joint bus ride.

11:15-21 Optional tour to the easternmost point of the continental European Union, 130 km east of Joensuu, including stopovers for an ethnic Carelian style lunch, cultural and biological sight-seeing, and an outdoor BBQ in the wilderness. The tour is optional, and a maximum 17 people can attend the tour (two seats are left...). See the agenda.

Today´s solar eclipse in Joensuu reaches its maximum at 12:14.

Saturday 21 March

On your own, optional programme. Hands-on practice with Digitarium systems will be facilitated, as wanted. Visit Carelicum, a museum representing the region. Cross-country and down-hill ski trips to the Koli mountain area or other locations can be arranged. You may also want to stay at the Mekrijärvi Research Station of the University, which is a good place for cross-country skiing, ice fishing, writing your next scientific paper in peace and quiet, and for other activities. Contact the local organiser for further information of any of these activities.

The above picture is from 8 March 2013, when GBIF Nodes were here and survived the post-conference tour.


The meeting venue is Digitarium and rest of the Joensuu Science Park, Länsikatu 15, FI-80100 Joensuu. The sessions will take place in the Temple of Challenge hall of the conference facility "Network Oasis". Welcome party and sauna will also be there. Demonstrations will take place at Digitarium hall in the same building complex.


Joensuu is a city of 73,000 inhabitants, the provincial capital of North Carelia, and site of the largest campus of the University of Eastern Finland. Joensuu is located 440 km north-east of Helsinki, near latitude N63, longitude E30.

Be aware that the games for the World Championships in Biathlon will take place in the region the week before this meeting. If you are interested in sports, you may want to consider spectating. Furthermore, the Pogosta Ski Race will take place the following weekend.

Flights: For international travel, plane change in Helsinki is required. There are 6 scheduled flights each day between Helsinki and Joensuu on Finnair and its commuter FlyBe. They also serve most European major cities. Check Finnair web site for prices and schedules, and book early for low prices.

There is bus service from the airport to the city centre. It costs 4.50€, cash-only. Leave the bus at the central square, and do not continue to the end station. More details of the bus route are in English available at the bottom of this page. Taxi from airport to hotel will cost about 20 € - their phone number is +35860110100.

Trains: There are 9 train connections each day between Helsinki and Joensuu. Travel time is about 4:30 hours. Check Finnish Railroads web site for prices and schedules. Connections to Saint Petersburg and beyond also are available.

Hotels: Green Star is the selected conference hotel. Their rate is 65 € + breakfast 7.50 € /day. Our unused block booking expired 16 February -- contact the hotel directly now.

Other hotels located around the central square, which is the recommended area include Hotel Aada, Hotel Cumulus, and Sokos Hotel Vaakuna. Across the street from the venue is Linnunlahti Camping. They offer cottages for stay, rent of ski equipment, snow scooters, etc.

Climate and how to prepare

Climate in Joensuu is boreal and continental. March being the peak of the winter outdoor season and the driest month of year, plenty of sunshine and and snow can normally be expected. In mid-March, daytime maximum temperature is typically -5 to -10 C and nighttime minimum -10 to -20 C, but check the forecast. Do bring some warm clothes, including multiple layers of insulation, thick socks, spacious sturdy boots, sunglasses, and separate slippers for indoor use. Click here for a fast rewind of the conditions on the tour.

Costs and sponsoring

Travel and accommodation costs will be borne by the attendees. Meals listed in the agenda will be provided for all registered attendees. There is no cost in attending the training.

Fee for the optional tour is 50 €, and payable in cash at the registration. It covers transportation, lunch, admission to exhibitions, and catering for the BBQ.

The sponsors of this meeting are the Finnish Museum of Natural History, and the the City of Joensuu.


Use this form to register. Once you have registered, wait for a confirmation email from the organiser. Book your travel only after the confirmation. The local organiser is Hannu Saarenmaa hannu.saarenmaa (ät) Organiser of the training workshop is Larissa Smirnova larissa.smirnova (ät) Any queries should be directed to them.


Your name and affiliation will be listed below after the registration has been confirmed.

  1. Larissa Smirnova, EU BON, Royal Museum for Central Africa
  2. Anton Güntsch, CETAF, EU BON, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem
  3. Hanna Koivula, CETAF, Finnish Museum of Natural History
  4. Israel Peer, EU BON, GlueCAD
  5. Henry Engledow, CETAF, Botanic Garden Meise
  6. Ana Casino, CETAF, Consortium
  7. Patricia Mergen, CETAF, EU BON, Royal Museum of Central Africa
  8. Matúš Kempa, CETAF, EU BON, Institute of Botany, Slovak Academy of Sciences
  9. Jaakko Mattila, CETAF, Finnish Museum of Natural History
  10. Aaike de Wever, CETAF, EU BON, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  11. Franck Theeten, CETAF, EU BON, Royal Museum for Central Africa
  12. Simon Chagnoux, CETAF, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
  13. Marie-Elise Lecoq, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle - GBIF France
  14. Sophie Pamerlon, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle - GBIF France
  15. Aurelie Delavaud, French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity - ECOSCOPE
  16. Cedric Chaveriat, French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity
  17. Karol Marhold, CETAF, EU BON, Institute of Botany, Slovak Academy of Sciences
  18. Heimo Rainer, CETAF, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
  19. Elspeth Haston, CETAF, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  20. Allan Zirk, EU BON, University of Tartu Natural History Museum
  21. Veljo Runnel, EU BON, University of Tartu Natural History Museum
  22. Florian Wolf, GEO BON, iDiv
  23. Christian Langer, GEO BON, iDiv
  24. Miguel Fernandez, GEO BON, iDiv
  25. Marian van der Meij, CETAF, Naturalis
  26. Gregor Hagedorn, CETAF, EU BON, Museum für Naturkunde
  27. Éamonn Ó Tuama, EU BON, GBIF Secretariat
  28. Konstanze Bensch, CETAF, Botanische Staatssammlung München and SNSB IT Center
  29. Alan Paton, CETAF, Royal Botanic Garden Kew
  30. Andreas Allspach, CETAF, EU BON, Senckenberg Research Institute Frankfurt (SGN)
  31. Francisco Antonio García Camacho, EU BON, CSIC
  32. Florian Wetzel, CETAF, EU BON, Museum für Naturkunde
  33. Teodor Georgiev, EU BON, Pensoft Publishers
  34. Jiri Frank, CETAF, National Museum, Prag
  35. Dare Talvitie, CETAF, Finnish Museum of Natural History
  36. Stefano De Felici, CNR - LifeWatch Italy, Collections Thematic Center
  37. Hannu Saarenmaa, EU BON, UEF Digitarium
  38. Riitta Tegelberg, UEF Digitarium
  39. Yuliya Fetyukova, UEF Digitarium
  40. Zhengzhe Wu, UEF Digitarium


See the news item about this astronomically successful meeting.



Below list is the in the order they were presented. However, all documents for Thursday's training are at the EU BON helpdesk website, and not duplicated here.

CETAF_ISTC_2015_Agenda_v3_Draft.docx27.71 KB
ISTC 2015_March_Finland_vF.pptx1.04 MB
CETAF_ISTC_2015_Identifiers_Guentsch.ppt934 KB
ISTC2015_chagnoux.pdf1.81 MB
EU BON_CETAF FW GH et al_2015_03_17 v6.pptx10.93 MB
Follow-UpActionsAutomatedGeoreferencingNHMTervurenNaturalis.docx21.3 KB
Retrogeoreferencing at the SNSB 2.pptx13.85 MB
CETAF_DigitisationWorkingGroup.pptx133.45 KB
Call Big Data (16 January 2015),.pptx106.11 KB
EUCOLL_CETAF-ISTC-Joensuu 2015-03.pdf1.09 MB
Digitarium_EUBONCetaf_18032015.pptx10.59 MB
EUBON_CETAF_Guentsch.ppt11.6 MB
EU BON__sharing tools.pptx1.61 MB
EUBON-registry-Joensuu-March2015.pptx2.63 MB
EUBON-MS241-registry-specification-Feb20.docx273.9 KB
EBP_presentation_and_specifications_summary_v03.pptx1.33 MB
MS251-specifications_for_the_portal_1.0.docx723.18 KB
EUBONcitizenScienceGateway_Joensuu_18032015_VeljoRunnel.ppt6.02 MB
Digitarium_EUBONCetaf_20032015.pptx1.66 MB
EU BON__sharing tools_action points.pptx449.48 KB
task 2.5 action points.pptx409.78 KB
Remaining work.pptx59.69 KB
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