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ESF funding for distance work in transcription services

The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in South-Savo has granted 155,757 euro for a new project "Digitisation goes rural". The aim of this European Social Fund project is to explore distance work in transcription of digital information. This is a joint project of Digitarium, the Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS, and the Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK.

Digitarium has already successfully automated imaging of natural heritage samples. However, interpretation and transcription of data from the images is still mostly manual work. The technical solution for transcription has already been developed, but in this project it will be turned into an electronic marketplace, where remote experts can offer and deliver their services for the owners of the digitised collections.

"The ongoing build-up of digital networks in rural areas makes distance work feasible almost anywhere and by anybody who has relevant expertise. This will speed up digitisation in the area where it matters most, and allows making biodiversity data freely and openly accessible, for instance through the new Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility", says Project Manager Riitta Tegelberg of the University of Eastern Finland.

In 2015-2016 the project will employ a number of distance workers in different parts of North Carelia. They will explore new and different ways of work, and develop electronic services together with Digitarium and LUOMUS experts.

The funding has been granted from the European Social Fund programme 2014-2020 for Strengthening employment and mobility.

More information:

Project Manager Riitta Tegelberg, riitta.tegelberg (ät)
Research Director Hannu Saarenmaa, hannu.saarenmaa (ät)