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Butterflies and climate change at the EGI meeting

At the EGI Community Forum meeting, May 19-23, in Helsinki, Finland, Yuliya Fetyukova presented a study led by the BioVeL-project partners at the University of Eastern Finland: "Large scale modelling of the distribution of butterfly biodiversity in Europe using the BioVeL portal on the EGI infrastructure".

Species distribution modelling allows determining variation among species and their shifts over time as responses to climate and environmental changes. Butterflies are good and viable biological indicators. They react quickly to changes.

In this study, all European butterfly species, for which enough data is available through the GBIF network are being modelled. For each of the 344 species, we identified biodiversity centers of mass for historical and current projections as well as analyzed their shifts over time. Historical species distribution modelling is urgently needed in order to estimate future climatic changes on species. The objective of our project was to find how many species have expanded their distribution from 1960-1990 to 1991-2013 and how many have contracted. Their distribution will also be modelled into the future until the year 2050.

More details on the BioVeL web site, and in the slides below.

Above: Yuliya Fetyokova giving her plenary talk in the large festive hall of the University of Helsinki.

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